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Name:2017 hot sale FDA baby toy puzele silicone ice cream chew teether
Feature:environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless
Temperature allowed:-40 °C ~230°C
Material:food grade silicone
Usage:over 6 months baby
Free sample:free


Teether, also known as molar stick, molar device, made of non-toxic silicone rubber. Teether plays a important role in baby's daily life as silicone toys. There are shapes of fruits, animals, pacifiers, cartoon characters, with the role of massage gums. By sucking and grinding tooth, can promote the baby's eye, hand coordination, thereby promoting the development of intelligence.
In theory, when babys are frustrated , tired sleepy or lonely , through sucking pacifier and teeth to appease the psychological satisfaction and security can be obtained. Teether is suitable for baby who 6 months to the age of 2 long tooth stage use. This section is based on the designer of our children in the infant stage of the development of the needs of the teeth, as well as the design of children preferences. The shape is lovely, the color is gorgeous, after 30 technics craft makes, has the very good enhancement effect to the child's sensory perception. Products are all food grade silicone, through the United States FDA, EU CE certification, safety and environmental protection. Since its introduction, widely praised by consumers in the market.

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