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Name:New design silicone baby feeding spoon
Feature:environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless
Temperature allowed:-40 °C ~230°C
Material:food grade silicone
Usage:over 12 months baby
Free sample:free


Silicone baby feeding spoon is star and hot sale product of our company. The product is made of food grade silicone material,through the United States FDA, EU CE certification, safety and environmental protection. Why choose silicone? First.Silicone is environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, and good elasticity; Second. No distortion, wearable and good heat resistance,long service life. Third.good texture,smooth appearance,real green environmental protection products. Our designers focus on baby's base requirments.Unique arc handle design is the most suitable for children to the habit of grasping, and the accurate size allows children to eat more simply and sanitarily, and silicone products also play a protective role for children. Each product has experienced more than  30 demanding process, after the designer's careful grinding, is so safe and durable, beautiful and generous. Finally this piece of art come to the hands of consumers.

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